How Porsche is Leading the Way in Electric Racing

Porsche uses its two latest electric race cars, 99X Gen3 and the GT4 e-Performance, to show that this e-vehicle racing is not only real but also a relevant form of motorsport for the future of mobility and performance. The sport helps road cars faster thanks to lessons learned from the many hours of competition.

Interestingly, the first car Ferdinand Porsche ever worked on was actually an electric model. But, just like the rest of the industry, the German company moved away left its electric creations and moved on to the gasoline-powered vehicles in the early 20th century.

Decades later, Porsche is in the midst of developing a third-generation Formula E vehicle. The business has used the 99X series to compete in electric-car racing events, and its Gen3 has seen significant advancements in the drive motor and front axle powertrain parts.

The principles acquired from years of racing are very applicable to standard electric road vehicles. Because of advancements in racing car software, regular drivers, for example, can gain the same pedal confidence. Likewise, modifications to Porsche’s electronic racing vehicles have enabled consistent power delivery and quick throttle response on daily e-vehicles.

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