Vaping’s Rise in the Auto Racing Arena Towards a Smoke-Free Culture

The high-octane world of auto racing is witnessing a transformative trend as vaping enters the tracks. This amalgamation of vaping and auto racing represents a mutual embrace of innovation, technology, and a passion for refinement. Here, we will delve into the increasing popularity of vaping within the racing community and explore how it’s shaping the culture and experience of racing enthusiasts and professionals. Notably, industry leaders,, have also played a pivotal role in this trend.
Fueling Passion and Precision
Auto racing, which…

Canadian Grassroots Racing Programs: How They Work and How You Can Get Involved

The Canadian racing season has officially begun, which means that everyone who races cars and spends time in the paddocks is extremely busy at this time of year. What racing and sports fans should realize is that before they got to those professional fields, they had to start somewhere.
Celebration of Speed
The tournament has been ongoing since 2019, and this year’s event is the tenth time it has been organized. It goes back to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park this year, with the main aim of raising funding for Canadian Motorsport.

What You Need to Know About Autocross: A Comprehensive Overview of the Sport

Don’t worry too much if you didn’t start driving lawn-mower-powered go-karts before you took your first step because Autocross allows drivers of all experience levels to compete, even using their daily drivers! Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the race is going to be an easy one.
The only easy thing about the Canadian Autoslalom Championship is that you are allowed to show up in your street car. Other than that, you should make sure you have the right skill and mental tenacity to stack up against the best amateur racers across the …

May 2023 News Roundup: The Most Important and Interesting Events

Without a doubt, May 2023 was an eventful month for the Canadian automotive industry. If you missed the news, here are some of the most important and interesting events that happened throughout the month.
The Addition of New Dual Motor Version to BMW i4 Series
BMW has added another new xDrive40 variant to its all-electric i4 sedan series. To provide AWD, the new addition uses one motor at each end and it is able to deliver 396 hp. Moreover, The xDrive40 can charge at up to 205 kW and will cover an estimated range of up to 494 km.
The …

How Porsche is Leading the Way in Electric Racing

Porsche uses its two latest electric race cars, 99X Gen3 and the GT4 e-Performance, to show that this e-vehicle racing is not only real but also a relevant form of motorsport for the future of mobility and performance. The sport helps road cars faster thanks to lessons learned from the many hours of competition.
Interestingly, the first car Ferdinand Porsche ever worked on was actually an electric model. But, just like the rest of the industry, the German company moved away left its electric creations and moved on to the gasoline-powered vehicles in the early …