What You Need to Know About Autocross: A Comprehensive Overview of the Sport

Don’t worry too much if you didn’t start driving lawn-mower-powered go-karts before you took your first step because Autocross allows drivers of all experience levels to compete, even using their daily drivers! Still, that doesn’t necessarily mean that the race is going to be an easy one.

The only easy thing about the Canadian Autoslalom Championship is that you are allowed to show up in your street car. Other than that, you should make sure you have the right skill and mental tenacity to stack up against the best amateur racers across the country.

Every year, around 100 drivers from across the Big North attend this event.  And, because this country is so damn big, this national championship is held in a different venue every year. This year, Prince Edward Island becomes the host of this event.

The event is a timed motorsport that embodies a test of handling capacity over pure engine power. It’s also a serious mental exercise for the drivers because they get a time penalty each time they hit a cone, forcing the drivers to keep their path on the line between being extra aggressive and very careful.

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