The Ultimate List of Toronto’s Best Car Racing Tracks

With multiple world-class racing courses, Toronto is one of the best cities in North America for adrenaline enthusiasts. Below we will explore some of the best race tracks within the region where you can push the gas pedal as long as you want and go as fast as you can!

Toronto Motorsports Park

Featuring a 3 km track and a drag strip, this one is the pride and joy of Toronto’s rich and powerful boys! Old-school racers, stock-racing clubs, and luxury car owners regularly gather in this place to test and race their vehicles.

If you are traveling to Toronto and don’t bring your own vehicle, you can rent a stock car provided by the track management. You can also ask the track’s representative to sign you up for an exotic car experience. Just make sure you bring your racing helmet to keep you safe!

Canadian Tire Motorsports Park

This one is another place that allows you to rent your private racing vehicle or rent a super-luxury four-wheeler. This track is about 75 km east of Toronto and it works together with GTA Exotics to deliver a one-of-a-kind supercar racing sensation to Canadian petrolheads. 

It is formerly known as Mosport Park and has hosted many prestigious races, such as the F-One and Can-Am series. The main track is almost 4000 km long with several elevation changes. Visitors can also find a motorsport museum within the complex.

The Sunset Speedway

Located 80 km north of Toronto, it is a shorter stock car track that is great for beginner racers. The laid-back staff and affordable rates make this place a favorite among those who just want to dip their toes in the car-racing world. For your information, Dale Earnhardt Sr. raced on this track during a NASCAR Tour event.

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