Conquer Canadian Tire Motorsport Park with Your Beloved Race Vehicle!

Have you ever dreamed of racing on one of the most iconic and challenging tracks in North America? Canadian Tire Motorsport Park allows you to conquer its straights and turns with your beloved race vehicle, and the organizations and events below will help you make that dream come true!

6th Gear

This event is held by high-performance driving enthusiasts based on their ideas for the most exciting track day experience. You are allowed to drive your own vehicle or rent one of their fleet of exotics. A professional instructor will give you a short coaching and you will be guided along the way.

Apex Driver Training

This is a school for drivers, whether they are newbies or seasoned veterans, who want to learn both the art and science of road racing. The main goal of this event is to give drivers a better understanding of their vehicles’ potential, all while putting an emphasis on the safety factor.

Engineered Automotive

This one is more like a car club that provides speed enthusiasts with a full range of services. From maintenance and tuning to restoration and customization, drivers can ask any of these services to Engineered Automotive staff.

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